What's new: All-organic tote bags now at ToteLab!

Eco-friendliness Products

The Eco-Tote has (almost) arrived! We are happy to welcome a new and more eco-friendly bag in our stores. Starting from the 1st of October, you also have the option to shop 100% organic cotton bags at ToteLab. 

The Cotton

The organic cotton we use is 100% certified, and throughout its production remains completely free of chemicals and GMOs. Instead, the cotton is grown using natural fertilizers and biological pest control.

Certified Organic Cotton Label

The Bags

Although organic cotton isn't as sturdy as polyester, we use a 3/1 twill to make the totes be able to stand up to whatever challenges might arise. Since we hear so many good things from people about the size of our beach totes, the eco-totes come in a slightly bigger-than-normal size to make fitting everything easier! Almost identical in size to The Bote, the eco-tote is 14" in height and 20" in width. These eco-tote bags will be available in either black or natural color, depending on the design. 

Eco-Friendly Tote Bag


Check the eco-tote collection here!

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